Friday, October 31, 2008

Week 22

I came across the baby bedding of my dreams, I adore it's simple style. The problem was bidding on it at the right time without spending tons of money, stinken ebay! To my surprise after 2 attempts on the same style, I won it for $51.00!!! It’s so cute and such a good deal for all 9 pieces it comes with!

It includes:
Crib Quilt
Crib Bumper
Fitted Sheet
Crib Skirt (Dust Ruffle)
2 Window Valances
Diaper Stacker
Toy Bag
Decorative Pillow

Happy Halloween!


Leah said...

OMG what a steal! That is a gorgeous crib set! So have you decided on a name for Baby Boy Brown yet?

Brown Family said...

nope, still up in the air, feel free to share cute ones you can come up with to help our hunt for the right name!

Brittany said...

Very nice. I'm only just now startung to get the boys' room the way I want it... and Alexander is almost four!

Brittany said...

How about Charlie? Actually, I was very close to naming Lincoln that.

Brown Family said...

I have a friend named Charlie, but she's a girl. It's a cute name though!! Keep ideas for names coming :)