Monday, October 6, 2008

Week 18

General Conference came and gone over the weekend. With thoughts that our next one is in 6months we'll have a new born in our arms! As a couple & 2 individuals we wont only be looking for giddiness, but also we'll be parent's preparing the way for our little one amongst the things taught by such faithful Saints spoken in Conference. I can’t emphasize, let alone comprehend all that there will be to take in. I'm so grateful for the gospel, how it has shaped me and pray it will shape our children into wonderful members.

"One message mentioned was a sweet story of a little girl that was unable to hear. At the age of 4 she had already undergone many operations. As she stood with her Mother in checkout line behind her she noticed a little boy without any legs in a wheelchair. She loudly asked her Mom why he was that way and he Mother kindly explained. The little girl than turned to face the boy and pointed out he doesn’t have any legs as she can't hear and when Christ comes they will be made perfect."

The story is from my notes and not word to word, but the message touched me. It hit me so strongly to strive in teaching my little family to live towards such eternal perspectives. My Mom installed it in me and I hope to do the same with them.
3 Nephi 11:38 "become as a little child, or ye can in nowise inherit the kingdom of God. "

Sunday afternoon I ran into an old friend on Temple square that ran up to me and totally felt as if it was a belly flop with the hug I was greeted with. I hope my little baby is okay, I didn't feel the best that evening, no fun. Today seems good as usual though. I'm very cautious toward our little baby! Am I crazy for being a worrier? Words of comfort are always appreciated. I just can't wait to get a close up picture of Baby Brown & as every exam I look forward to hearing it's heartbeat!!