Thursday, October 23, 2008

21 Weeks

Am I over excited or what, but I can hardly wait for March 6th to get here!

The more kicks I feel throughout the day, the happier I am! It’s a constant reminded of my baby boy & what's to come!

Also my size is coming in quite nicely. At the beginning of the pregnancy I lost 10lbs. My eating habits hardly changed and my only answer to the drastic weight lose is the baby was given a majority of the nutrient my body usually got. I am a first timer and all, but good news is I'm not only passed my normal weight, but I've gained double of whatever I lost!!

Any helpful hints to prevent stretch marks will be much appreciated!


Bridget Malloy Parece said...

ive heard palmers cococa butter helps w/stretch marks. ha ha thats all i know. im so happy for you. that must be the best feeling in the world to feel your baby kick :D