Monday, December 15, 2008

Nothing but a weakling!

Yesterday evening didn't end up as I wished. I found myself amongst the royal porcelain thrown, despite I've avoided it at all causes during this pregnancy. It marks the 4th time in 6months and hopefully the last. I felt fine afterwards, just incredibly weak and lacked motivation to do anything with such a low energy level. The same has continued through today and I don't mind it just so long our Baby Boy Brown is healthy!

Other then that, I mentioned a couple weeks back I found a great deal for a Coach Diaper Bag/Multi Tote purse. ( price-range of $30) I came home during lunch and found it at our door step!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Glucose TEST!!!

I had to take the glucose test yesterday! I made sure it was first thing in the morning to get it over with, but now I'm hesitant if I did the right thing. It said to gulp down in 10mins. I did it in less then 2mins. I didn't want to linger it any longer. It tasted similar to orange-soda and off we went to have me tested. Shots aren't fun, but I wont complain after all my Mom went through. I'm measured right on the dot and the Doc. kindly complemented my perfect pregnancy or rather being right where I should be on track..I'm just grateful we're both healthy!

I went to work right after and found myself suddenly getting sick to my stomach! It wasn't consistent, but came as it wishes. I got off around 4:30 feeling well, picked Chris up at school and headed to SLC to shadow a court-case he needed for his final in Construction Law. Half ways there I got so sick again and it didn't leave me this time. So much for our plans to see the lights and eat out. We made it home around 7:30. I fell asleep and was woken to home made noodle soup by 9:00! I love my husband!

This morning I woke up feeling better. I guess the point of this random entry is although the glucose test wasn't terrible, the worst is getting it completely washed out of my system.

Note: My pregnancy been great so when surprising moments fall along the road, It completely catches me off guard. Every bit worth the feeling of my Baby Boy Brown kicking and actively moving! We can't wait to hold him and this morning Chris had the opportunity to put his ear close and hear his heartbeat! Best wishes toward week 28!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Week 27

(Note: My husband gives the best foot rubs)

I found this photo very appropriate for this entry. Sat. evening I was doing errands none-stop, bridal shower and ended the evening at my Mother in-laws home attending a Christmas Party. My feet were completely swollen and in so much pain by 10:00 I could barely stand! Chris is amazing though and made up the bed for me so I could be level and give the blood circulation moving again.

I've treated my legs and feet poorly from skating the past 15yrs, which includes many times freezing them to the point of no return! This has left small points that remain numb, nothing like the whole foot thank goodness! I'm usually the type to bare the pain, but the motivation to do so is hardly reachable lately.

Can you believe I have 13weeks left? Time is passing us so fast!! I'm trying to soak in every moment of this pregnancy! You only have the first once and as Thomas S Monson mentioned along the lines that we're given one opportunity to live, so I better enjoy these years before their gone!

Chris is going to make such a wonderful Dad, he's finishing painting the crib and dresser Friday, preparing us for the move in 3 weeks! I love my husband and last nights 2 hour conversations driving back to Provo regarding goals we have in raising our children give me so much to look forward to! (One thing he's determined to do is sit down with them on an individual bases regularly to see how church, school, sports....are going in their life. Something my Dad use to do with each of us kids was take us on a date of our choice, I value the relationship I have with my Dad and hope this new generation will feel the same toward Chris and myself!)
Other then that Wed I have the glucose test, wish me luck! If anyone has any pointers to get it down and what to eat the 12hrs, feel free to share!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

STRETCH....head, sholders, knees and toes!

My stomach is getting bigger as we speak! The weight doesn’t seem to be ending up anywhere else on me, but the load can be felt everywhere to say the least. When I eat, I eat and if there isn’t room, I feel like I stretch to make it fit! Lotion has become my best friend and long soothing showers to relieve the pressure.

Monday was a big shopping day for the internet, thats what the news mentioned at least. One eBay I had a 10% discount toward anything, including shipping and handling. I came across a Coach Diaper bag for a great deal and completed the bid at the price of $46! I'm not spending crazy, the weeks are narrowing down and preparation for our move and setting up the nursery is in the making! I feel like there were only 3 things I personally wanted to pick out that I'd be using daily and this was on my list!

Tues. night Chris skipped his 2hr class and took me to the University String Orchestra! We were so impressed. I love classical music so much! The whole time I was as much taken back by the music as I was by the baby moving! He seemed to enjoy every moment of the performance... Perhaps we have a musician in the making!

This does it for this entry, all well for us at week 26!