Wednesday, December 3, 2008

STRETCH....head, sholders, knees and toes!

My stomach is getting bigger as we speak! The weight doesn’t seem to be ending up anywhere else on me, but the load can be felt everywhere to say the least. When I eat, I eat and if there isn’t room, I feel like I stretch to make it fit! Lotion has become my best friend and long soothing showers to relieve the pressure.

Monday was a big shopping day for the internet, thats what the news mentioned at least. One eBay I had a 10% discount toward anything, including shipping and handling. I came across a Coach Diaper bag for a great deal and completed the bid at the price of $46! I'm not spending crazy, the weeks are narrowing down and preparation for our move and setting up the nursery is in the making! I feel like there were only 3 things I personally wanted to pick out that I'd be using daily and this was on my list!

Tues. night Chris skipped his 2hr class and took me to the University String Orchestra! We were so impressed. I love classical music so much! The whole time I was as much taken back by the music as I was by the baby moving! He seemed to enjoy every moment of the performance... Perhaps we have a musician in the making!

This does it for this entry, all well for us at week 26!


The Cahoons! said...

You'll have to post pictures when your diaper bag comes in the mail! How exciting. You really do need to love your diaper bag since it replaces all your purses for a while. That is so sweet about 'Baby Boy Brown' moving around to the classical music. That feeling is just so wonderful!

P.S. Phil is very excited to have you two stay with us, just about as excited as me! :)