Monday, November 24, 2008

Thank heavens for Thanksgiving.
I love holidays and what better then food-gallooooor this coming Thur. marking week 26!!!
Friday I went shopping with a friend and came back with a couple little outfits, I am such a fan of kid-2-kid and the great deals there. Little designers that someone else might of paid $30+ for a shirt, I get for $5.00!

Also, I'm pleased to say Christmas cards have been sent today and a photo included in each one. It's something that is becoming yearly and fun to give everyone an update on our life and how much we love you all. With that being said, my belly is a bit more then last years picture! Here are a couple Chris took on the side of our photo-shoot.

Week 25


Amanda said...

Peter just walked into the room while I was looking at this blog. He said "hey, there's Christy. Where's her Dad?" (referring to Chris)

You look great!!!

The Cahoons! said...

You are soo beautiful Christy! One pregnant hottie!