Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The best of the Browns to come!

Last Wed. I found out a bit more than I expected during my typical monthly exam...such as I gained 9lbs. in 3 weeks!! Goodness me. No worries though, it's all healthy and I measured a week over size-wise! I couldn't be any happier with this pregnancy. We're completely shocked with how much my stomach has grown over the past month and much bonding is already taking place, with every kick there's constant contentment and as much excitement.

Overall our week has been eventful and much baby preparation taking place, everything from the delivery of the bedding set that is everything we hoped it would be, including much needed maternity pants that fit me so well, I’m excited to leave my comfy lounge pants at home!

Last note: I went to the SLC Temple on Friday and walking through the doors a lady commented to me "Oh good, you brought the baby!" this has brought a smile to my face.


The Cahoons! said...

I love the comment the lady in the temple said to you! Isn't it fun to always have that little baby with you? I want to see pictures of your belly again, so I can see how cute of a pregnant lady you are!