Friday, November 7, 2008

Week 23 with much on my mind!

Week 23 is here and I've had a lot of my mind...skating mostly and how hard I'm working as a coach. I'm always careful, but plans are the end of Nov. I'll be hanging up my skates for the rest of this pregancy. Without jumping I feel bored and same with spining. It's so hard to be in the rink and not of the rink, do you get what I'm saying? As much as I crave this blessed sport, life has took a turn for the better and my newest passion is our baby! Although plans are to teach him how to skate once he learns to walk, it's a must, but no pressure beyond that!

Something else I'm trying to consider is when to stop working. I enjoy being around my co-workers, but the 2 days I'm a dental assistant my feet can feel the load. Meanwhile the 2 days I'm at the front desk I don't seem to mind at all, but since I don't get the choice of working part-time I need to give them a heads up by this month what I'll be doing!

We're leaning toward the 2nd week in Feb. or last week in Jan. Any idea's? I'd love to here what others have done in the past?