Thursday, November 20, 2008

Week 25

(This is all I have to prove to any unbelievers my belly is filling out)

Week 25 is here and I figured it would be fun to add some photos. Meanwhile reading what's to come during this week and what is taking place take a looker...

"This week they’ll be scootching slowly out of the old breech position and start rotating (already!) into a better position for exit during their birth. Their head and feet are slowly rotating so that the head is pointed down towards the birth canal. Time is short (or really long, depending on who you ask)—just (still!) 14 weeks left before you can go back to being a single-resident human. "

Everything is coming up so fast, I need to keep calm and take everyday as it comes. On a brighter note last week I picked Chris up from school and there he stood with a beautiful rose that had a cute card that said "Congrats on the Baby Boy" Then a sweet note below that read "I love you!" I love him too and no words can explain the happiness he brings to me!!


Amanda said...

You look so beautiful!!!