Thursday, October 2, 2008


We have good news. Our exam went well on Monday. The next BIG Appointment we have is scheduled for the afternoon of OCT 20th and will be excited to tell the world once we know. ((Stay Tunes!)) The past 4 months has taken forever, we can't wait to prepare for our little one. Baby showers in the works, names to be considered and when it comes time a baby to fit in place.

Life has been good to us. I recently rented Father Of The Bride 2, total classic. Not too mention I’m always looking for the perfect diaper bag/purse online... As for any other stores I haven't stepped inside one since I foundout! On a not so materialistic note, as a family we’ve been putting out extra effort to spiritually be prepared & fed daily. It’s a lot to take in the thought that one day we will be given someone so special and sweet, we are so excited for all that's to come. No matter enduring, enjoy the moments along the way.


Bridget Malloy Parece said...

that is amazing! i think you guys should go up to confrence--pleeease for me? ha ha ha. i work sat, and so ive gotta catch it sun. so maybe think of me when you guys are waiting in line? wether its a boy or girl, baby brown has amazing parents and will definitely loved and spoiled! Father of the Bride 2 is hilarious, great idea. Oh and thats so funny you and like 4 other girls are due the same week as you, they have a name for it, like how if there's a group of women that are friends, they get their period at the same time, because they're around each other, idk, ha ha. love you both :D

Brown Family said...

Thats so funny, but your right it does totally seem the same way and why so many are due around the sametime. Who knows the facts. As far as Conf. goes, we really really want to go so we'll see if we get in....or maybe I should state I really want, my husband is completely fine watching it at home!! And thanks for always kind words towards us as parents, so much to prep ourselves for before baby Brown gets here.

ThorpeFamily said...

First... rent???? We own 1 & 2! Next time check before you waste mula! They are my favorites too!

Second... look at babies r us jj cole bags! I love mine! I wish i had one with Brent!

Brown Family said...

Yah good idea Tiff.

Also the bags I really want is a coach to use for the next year or so while needed. I'll prob. find something cute though once I stepfoot in babiesRUS so plans are the 20th!

PS. Grandpa Garcia said yesterday he thought I was having a boy, but changed his mind and thinks its a girl!