Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A day shy of 21 Weeks

I have such a sweet tooth lately, he seems to get a kick out of it, litterally!

I'm so grateful we finnally know! I'll never forget these first steps we're taking as a couple, the visit with our Doc. and seeing his little hand with his fingers near his head. These are such exciting time in our lives! So much to anticipate within the near future!

Although walking hasn't been so grand, long distances from the car to inside a building are practically impossible at moments without stopping to rest, the only way I can describe it is drinking tons of water and trying to go on a run afterwards, you'll get a side cramp and it's pretty much the same, but mine is in the middle and it doesn't take running to have the discomfort appear. It's all worth it... I'm no pro and I'm not complaining. I also can't say I've been in these shoes before, but nothing has ever held such a great meaning in my life as a Mom to-be!

Well we've started the painting process, the project consist of a dress and crib. We've decided on painting both a classic WHITE! It's a bit more than either of us realized, but the result will be a masterpiece!

Meanwhile we need help thinking of a theme for his nursery, any ideas?? Any shared will be much appreciated!


ThorpeFamily said...

Christophers Construction by pottery barn! Super cute! :)

Ps. EBAY has tons! I suggest a Pottery Barn Kids set because they are amazing quality!!! Brents dino set is his favorite now!