Friday, October 17, 2008

Week 20 is here!

Week 20 is being welcomed with open arms!! I have a kick-boxer as a baby that’s most active when I lie down or sit from being up even for a small amount of time. Morning, middle of the day and evenings are most common for our bubbly baby!! It's so crazy to see my stomach move as much as it does. During the evenings before bed we like to play the guessing game of which way baby Brown is facing. We are so in love with what's going on, 3 days and counting until we have some BIG NEWS to share!!!
Nursery plans are already in the making. We’ll be changing our office into the baby’s room. As of last night we discussed where things should go & put together some idea’s we have! It might seem a bit soon to be discussing this 4 months in advance, but we’re so excited, need we wait?

Meanwhile a big project we have in store is what to do with the crib. I bought it used, but practically new from a yard sale. It had only been used once and can also be made into a day bed for when he or she becomes a toddler. It’s from Babies US and could have been up to $300 new, but fortunately for us we paid 50 bucks & called it good! However we're indecisive on the color, it’s a natural pine, but we’re thinking of changing it to either an espresso, black, traditional white or stain it? Whats your thought on it?


ThorpeFamily said...

wait until you pick your bed set then determine what color looks best.