Monday, January 5, 2009


Baby Boy Brown seems to be as excited as we are for March 6th! We can't believe how much he pokes out, day or night, he'll stretch as he wishes. Anytime I feel a need to complain I think of those before me who have experienced it amongst some of the worst conditions. So as the weeks narrow down and my back starts to feel the load and lacking sleep, life is still very good! The comforts of being home helps, taking a bath, eating as I wish... These are a few of my fav. things!

6 weeks left of work then I can stay off my feet and help my diet of no sugars help me get ready for our Baby Boys arrival. (My Mother-in-law told me if you eat less sugar products a week before your due date, the contractions will be less strong, rather if you don’t the first can be as strong as the last) It helps having her close by and always a phone call away to answer my questions, as a registered nurse and Mother of 12!

Christmas was wonderful and my Mother-in-law surprised me with a beautiful rocker I had my eye on! My sister and her family gave us a baby swing for the nursery along with many goodies that will come in handy. As for my wonderful husband... He gave me a video camera so memories can be recorded of our new little family!

Other then that the name game has been on our minds and hopefully within the next couple weeks we'll have 2 for sure names to pick from!!! Any ideas let us know?


Michele said...

I'm gonna have to try the no sugar thing. So I was reading up on breastfeeding and just felt like I needed a visual. So I went to youtube and low and behold they have videos on it from eHow, completely clothed and she does a pretty good job explaining things. Lots of things I didn't know. I was excited to see the different between the cross cradle hold and the cradle hold and how the cross cradle hold is usually best for a newborn so you can guide the baby to the breast! Such good little things to know. Now if I'll just remember after I pop her out! Yay us!

Brown Family said...

youll need to send me the links, I've been trying to get some sort of classes set up and its slimmmm picken's.