Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Baby Shower - WK 33

Baby Showers are in the making.

For a second there I got completely nervous since I didn't hear any plans being made. I hope that doesn't sound greedy, but since you only have your first once, I was hoping for a shower. Since friends and family have briefly mentioned the idea, nothing was ever set in stone. So I figured with 7wks left, I better be prepared so just incase someone is up for the challenge I'll have addresses to give them. Being organized seemed to ruin the suprise party that was being planned and as soon as Tiffany and Mallory got word that I was arranging addresses they figured they'd tell me. How lame am I. I'm incredibly sad I messed up plans.

Anyways, I'm incredibly grateful for my 2 sisters for taking on the task as well as many of my cousins! There's also another one being planned in Ogden area by my sister inlaws for family and friends in that area. Between the both, everything sounds completely wonderful!

Other then that week 33 is in full swing and all is going well! I'll try to update again soon, but that does it for this entry!


Brittany said...

Christy, you are so cute.