Monday, January 26, 2009

Wk 34!

Week 34 is here! Friday Jan. 23rd I had my routine exam. Everything looks well; I'm right where I should be with size and putting on the lbs. However one shocker was our due date is March 9th and how we got March 6th at the beginning was a rough estimate? I wouldn't mind the 9th since it's my Grandma Culotta's birthday and what a wonderful person to share the date with!

Baby boy Brown was a bit stubborn letting us hear his heartbeat, but no worries, between all the moving and stretching he does, I wasn't concerned and sure enough the Doc found it!

Other then that my days are narrowing down at the dental office. My feet resemble plums by the end of each day, leaving me incredibly excited for my last day.... Scheduled Feb 12th 2009!

As for the weekend we were dumped with snow and unfortunately the same this morning. It's a bit difficult to go anywhere, I resemble an elderly person when I walk, with every tiny step I give my best efforts to avoid slipping. Since the Doc. said if I fall again I'd need to be monitored for 4hrs at the hospital and since I've already experienced falling 3 times I rather not relive those unfortunate moments.

Meanwhile I have baby shower this Sat. in Ogden I'm looking forward to and the following in Provo! So much to look forward to, just gathering with friends and family at both will be good times to come!! Other then that I'll try to update some photos later this week or of the shower itself!


Chris said...

I love you Christy. You are doing a great blog. I bet that you are surprised to hear from me on this blog.

Blake and Catherine Potter said...

Hey Kristy, I know I don't know you well, but I just wanted to say that your family is in our prayers, i am so sorry.