Thursday, August 7, 2008

Onto the second Month

We’re expecting!!!

To emphasize the good news, here’s a bit of how it came about!

Who: Chris & Christy Brown, parent’s to be

What: A child of God

Where: Utah

When: July 5th. J

Why: After much prayer & Temple attendance, we’ve received our answer!

So much to anticipate, it’s was Wed. July 2nd, I took a test and it didn’t turn up as we wished. Chris came home with flowers to cheer up the day. The 4th was wonderful, but I was reluctant to believe my symptoms were unrelated. I asked my Mother in-law what her thoughts were and as a nurse any words of wisdom. Saturday morning I woke up incredibly early, which is very unlikely for our home on a weekend. Took a test and turned out positive. We were so excited we had no idea what to do next…. I called my Dad, told David who was in the car with him. Following a phone call to Chris’s Mom, with request her not to tell anyone. We hit 2 birds with 1 stone when we called Tiffany & Mal! That evening to celebrate Chris took me to the Olive Garden and had a wonderful Italian meal.


The pregnancy hasn’t been terribly hard for the first trimester. I arranged a Doctors appointment on July 18th. Our first visit was just as I imagined, unfortunately with my petite size we were unable to hear the heart beat, a disappointment with us both, but comforted with the knowledge it’s there and moving along as it should at 7weeks!

I had done well those first 7weeks without a single moment spent at the tolet. However, that following evening we carpooled with another couple to a ward campout and had a hard time with the swirly roads through the mountain. Held myself together, did great until it was time to come home. Little air in the car and ridding in the back seat was hardly tolerable and it wasn’t until we drove up to our house I ran out the car and planted myself in my garden! Such a poor moment, I was sick all day and in bed from lacking strength.

That Sunday we went to Chris’s home to celebrate his birthday and announced our good news with a gift Chris opened from his Mom with a little outfit. The rest of the family was thrilled and had the best time being able to talk with others about it finally! So much happiness, we can hardly wait until the 4th month is here to findout if it's a girl or boy!!

It’s now week 10 and I haven’t gotten sick since that terrible day. I’ve had my moments though. Little apatite seems to make eating tiring. Cravings are hard to always please and if I don’t eat right away I become sick to my stomach. Maintaining such a lifestyle has been enduring for both of us, but we’re getting by. I thankfully have a strong tolerance level to keep my food down and move forward. In the end it will be worth-wild. I am just grateful to have the chance to carry such a gift with me. Blessings come in all shapes and sizes and I'll soon emphasize on that with each day!!
(Note: We haven't told the world about our news quite yet, so those welcomed to read our blog are those who already know.)
Family should know by the 16th, we'll be telling everyone in California
Friends will findout Sep. 1st. We can hardly wait!!


The Cahoons! said...

I couldn't be move thrilled for you guys! You are both going to be GREAT parents! Babies are the best, and really make marriages complete! I can't wait to see the little bundle of joy! Congrats! I love you guys!