Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Our sweetheart.

Yesterday was unexpected. I had an awful stomachache from the middle of my lower stomach that favored my right side as well. I was in pain and left work at 11:30, without keys to the house I hadn't a idea what to do. I could hardly drive to Mals and just completely laid resting on my back as she went to pick up Chris from work. I called my Doc. office and spoke with the nurse who told me to take a warm bath and take 2 Tylenols. Since I could hardly move I didn't feel like that was good enough. Chris got there to give me a blessing, with Alan help, I was feeling better right away. We setup an emergency apt. with my Doc. I was happy and asked Chris to recall some of the things he mentioned in the blessing since my focus was on the pain. Strictly from Heavenly Father he said I would be healed, I would have comfort and be filled with the spirit and that my vowels will be working right.

By the time we arrived I was walking and hardly hurting. My ultrasound went well, the baby was fine, we heard the heartbeat and saw it's little body moving with it's arms and legs!! Chris was shocked how lively and how much personality it has already! We think it was either a muscle spasm of some sort that caused my pain or bloated, which neither I had even experienced before.

We are so glad everything was is well; our baby is healthy and right where it should be. One thing hit me... I had realized just how much this pregnancy meant to me until now; I love this child of God!! We anticipate a healthy baby and opportunity to be its Mother.

(Almost 3months!) We got to see the hands and little body so much better than this photo shows!!