Wednesday, August 13, 2008

1 1/2 Shy of 3 MONTHS

The count down has already started...

Very little sickness has had an effect on me, this pregnancy has been getting better with each day. Last week I was incredibly tired, but all is well at the Browns house.

I had my second checkup this past Monday. Chris had finals all day and a huge project we both thought he would finish by the time of our Doc. appointment. However he was running short on time and had to stay at school. We were both pretty sad!

The exam went well. The test I took the last visit was mentioned for my blood results. I passed everything with flying colors; my health is in excellent condition and especially during the first trimester. I was then given an amazing opportunity to hear my little baby’s heartbeat!! I completely got teary and wish so badly Chris could have been with me. It is so real now that I heard it with my own ears. I got absolutely the best feeling. We are so excited to meet this child and spoil its life with hugs!