Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Week 15!

So many butterflies to know I have something so tiny and sweet growing inside me. I get a weekly update e-mailed to me of what to expect with the pregnancy. I’m half ways through week 15 and one thing mentioned was I might have the opportunity to feel the baby move with a cough or sneeze.

As soon as I got home, I went home to try out what I had read of course! I coughed and felt such a small flutter move. I was so excited I got Chris and did the same to make sure It wasn't in my head. He felt something even though it’s almost unnoticeable, but clearly our baby's there! One thing mentioned in the book "What to expect when you're expecting" said the chances are likely for the size I'm at.

Honestly I have kept away from shops, but I keep finding cute things online for babies that make me want to prepare for ours! Color's, styles and outfits!! Soon our turn will be here, but for a sneak peak look what I found and how dang cute!

Meanwhile I’ve gained weight and I have a belly! Friends and family are part of the group that can tell and we're so thrilled to share these moments with everyone! I’ll get a photo up one of these days.
Overall we’re so excited with all the learning during this experience. I’m feeling good and my tolerance level with food is great! I can hardly wait for our exam on Monday the 29th and better yet, that day we'll be able to set up the BIG APT for weeks to come and find out the BIG NEWS....WHAT WE'RE HAVING!!
Don't forget to VOTE what you think we'll be having!!